2.0L - 8.0L

    1.0% - 5.0%

  • ROLE
    Back-end Developer

    New Delhi, IN

    Junior, Mid-Level

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Xeno - Never carry a loyalty card again. 

With Xeno you join every loyalty program with just your phone no and get rewarded at your favourite restaurants, retail stores and gyms. On the flip side, businesses get insights about their customers along with an integrated marketing solution to send their customers relevant communications they’d appreciate.

Businesses our loving our product, we've run a lot of experiments and are close to reaching product-market fit. We're already live at 70 paying businesses in Delhi & Gurgoan with over 60,000 consumers who've joined loyalty programs through the Xeno platform.



Design the product architecture & deploy the product

Writing simple & clean code to power new product features

Refactor/ improve existing code when required

Design/Architect/Iterate backend infrastructure for faster delivery (better TAT).

Strengthen or improve development and release processes within the team.

You will be working across technologies like PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, Redis, Bootstrap etc



2 - 5 yrs relevant programming experience. Preferably PHP.

Good design skills (database/programming)

Education: Don't care. Anything is cool.

Joining Date: ASAP

Traits & culture: Passionate, motivated, creative, entrepreneurial and hard-working; Good communication skills. Most important - willing to go that extra mile to get the work done.


Sleep at work

Work From Home

Flexible Work Hours


Xeno is customer powered marketing built for a mobile first world. Loyal customers are priceless and Xeno brings them back. It is a dynamic social loyalty platform that connects consumers and local businesses. Consumers earn rewards at their favourite places and businesses can understand consumer visits and spending trends.

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