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Join Wonder as a Freelance Researcher


Wonder is a personal research assistant, helping people save time by getting detailed answers and resources delivered to their inboxes by a trusted team of researchers. Our clients include Tier 1 consulting firms, VCs, and marketing agencies.

We’re looking for freelancers who want to earn money finding the sources and info needed to answer our clients’ business requests:

If you excel at finding information online, and at being able to succinctly summarize your findings…

If you want to work from home and on your own schedule…

If you want to earn $6-10 for every question that you find sources for…

...then you’ve come to the right place!


For each client request, you’ll be tasked with finding as many web resources as needed to completely answer the request, and summarizing your findings in a brief paragraph; this typically takes 30-90 minutes per request. We’ll then pass this along to one of our writers to turn it into a research brief for the client.

Here are some examples of questions our clients ask:

What are the economics of Valentine's Day?

Why would AOL be interested in a strategic investment in the start-up Rollout.io?

What are 5 new trends in online food ordering?

What's the market landscape for teacher training in Egypt?



Sharpen your analytical skills  

Earn money working from anywhere

Find sources in your free time and as often as you'd like

Network with peers in a global community of independent researchers

Learn about new industries and access a growing database of original research



We’re currently accepting applications for Wonder Researchers who are going to focus on source-gathering and fact-finding. If you’ve got what it takes, you can apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/hpciO5rxt5jfHao32. We’ll give you a trial sourcing assignment to test your skills before determining whether to extend an invitation for you to join the Wonder Research Team.


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