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    Digital Marketing Expert

    Ahmedabad, IN

    Mid-Level, Senior

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vario.fitness is a disruptive startup which will motivate more people to engage in fitness activities. Simply put, vario.fitness is an app which allows customers to choose from 1000s of workouts across 100s of gyms/studios/outdoors with just 1 monthly membership. 

About the candidate: You bring a data-driven approach to all of the work that you do, without sacrificing on the human element.

As a Brand Manager, you realize SEO, SMM, building keywords lists, Google betas and cross-functionally influence your Brand significantly. You keep an keen eye on your KPI's and are constantly trying to maximize the efficacy and contribution of your media portfolio.

You understand the importance of defining the target segment clearly and role playing on their needs and pains. You are constantly asking the question: What makes our Brand unique and ensuring everyone in the organization does so as well. 

Your responsibilities will include: 

  • monitoring and analyzing market trends in the fitness industry

  • studying alternative competitors' products and services

  • identifying target markets and developing strategies to communicate with them

  • preparing and managing marketing plans and budgets

  • managing the production of promotional material

  • Supervising and managing a team comprised of Social Media executive, Bloggers, event manager, etc. 

  • liaising with other internal departments such as partner engatement & Sales, product management

  • producing reports to monitor results

  • presenting findings and suggestions to company directors or other senior managers

  • travelling to trade shows, conferences and sales meetings

  • Organizing events for customer acquisitions

You must be an avid fitness enthusiast and be actively using the services/classes offered through vario.fitness



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vario.fitness is a startup whose mission is to liberate fitness seekers from being restricted to one gym or fitness studio. With our monthly membership, users have access to hundreds to different workouts across many hand picked partners in your city and beyond.

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