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    Software Testing

    Chennai, IN

    Mid-Level, Senior

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About Steer73:

Steer73 are a full-service product development business. We develop modern web apps, mobile apps and full business systems for a range of companies including Paddy Power and Regus, a range of SMEs and tech startups. We're dedicated to using the best tools and technologies we can find to create solutions we're always proud of.

We are looking for a senior tester to take a lead role in our company.


Key responsibilities

You will be joining as the first dedicated QA and will help define a culture of quality across the company on a strategic and day-to-day level. A key responsibility will be to build a dedicated QA team.

Your strategic responsibilities will be to:

  • Ensure we deliver high-quality solutions.

  • Ensuring that when a project reaches its conclusion, there is no ‘quality-debt’ that represents a risk to the business or our clients.

  • Introduce QA processes and tools to the business.

  • Work with company management to agree test strategies.

  • Develop bug prevention strategies with the development team including substantial expansion of automated unit and integration testing, test driven development and continuous integration.

  • Create quality measures and metrics across user-testing and automated-testing.

Your day to day responsibilities will include:

  • Working with the product & commercial team from the earliest stages of a project to understand business requirements, and translate them into acceptance criteria.

  • Work with the development team to ensure the defined acceptance criteria are met.

  • Prepare, run and maintain manual test scripts and documentation.

  • Log defects and track them through to closure.

  • Integrating with the development team’s agile processes and improving visibility of progress towards deadlines.

  • Work with the development team to encourage and promote the use of automated testing strategies.

  • Actively contributing to a company-wide commitment to continuous improvement, always informed by up-to-date best practices.

  • Contributing to onboarding resources for new team members.


Required skills

Core skills – you will be

  • Pro-active: you are happy to take the lead in your QA role.

  • A communicator: you have excellent written and spoken English.

  • Analytical and detail-oriented: you love solving gnarly problems and have a very high attention to detail and methodical work approach.

  • Respectful: you have the knack of pointing out mistakes and making sure everyone still feels good about it.

  • Approachable and consultative: pride and ego must take a back seat to quality. You will value influence over authority, always be open to input and discussion from members of the team, and will want to harness the potential of a team of talented individuals.

Technical skills – you will have

  • Worked in a similar role

  • A minimum bachelors degree

  • Around 5-10 years of web and mobile application testing experience

  • Familiarity with bug-tracking systems (eg Atlassian Jira)

  • Familiarity with automated testing strategies and tools

Other skills and experience – it would be a bonus but not essential if you have

  • Experience writing code (either general development or testing). We’re a primarily C# and Javascript shop.

  • Experience working with and / or testing ePOS systems

  • Experience in an agency environment


Company culture:

Steer73 are a small company. The most important factor in our hiring is that we get on. The company has more than doubled in size over the last 6 months, so while we remain small and dynamic, we are growing quickly.

We have a flat management structure, and we look for people who want to get things done, are comfortable making decisions, take ownership of their roles and want to progress their own skill set.

The big benefit of joining Steer73 is the chance to work on high-profile, meaningful projects for a wide range of clients and industries as part of a business with deep and cross-sectoral expertise. Please send your updated CV to jobs-chennai@steer73.com


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