6.0L - 8.0L

  • ROLE
    Full Stack Developer

    Ahmedabad, IN

    Mid-Level, Senior

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We are looking for a seasoned full-stack developer to join our ranks. If you like doing (and done before) high profile, high intensity projects using modern tools and technologies, this job is for you.


You should expect to work on both internal (such as https://carbonateapp.com/) and client projects, roughly at 50/50 basis. As a senior developer, you will also be leading the team, and performing regular code reviews, sharing your knowledge and improving your own and team skills.

You will need to collaborate efficiently with the rest of the team.

Most importantly, you will be getting things done, the right way.


Here is what we expect from you:

* Expert knowledge of PHP and Javascript, proven by accomplished projects

* Working knowledge of PHP frameworks like Laravel and CakePHP is a HUGE plus

* Good understanding of Javascript and front-end technologies and practices. Ability to build a full site from scratch.

* Ability to write clean, commented and maintainable code. Spaghetti is only good in the dish.

* Working knowledge of essential development tools, such as version control (Git), CI (any) and task runners (Grunt, Gulp, Artisan etc)

* Having a basic understanding of usability and UX is a plus 

* As a senior developer, you are obviously expected to show good leadership skills including resource planning, task delegation and research. 

Compensation package

If you fit in, we will offer these goodies:

* a competitive salary

* 5 day working week in a nice cozy office

* self-improvement opportunities

* cookies, soda and company lunches

* a team of well-motivated and fun people

How to apply

We don’t care much about CV, what we really need is your skills. So, when applying, please do not send the resume that is 10 pages long. Instead, it would be awesome if you could do the following: Provide 2 or 3 links to your most important projects. Describe your role, challenges you were facing and the way you tackled them. If available, include the links to your Github, StackOverflow, BitBucket or any other relevant accounts or your own blogs. Tell us about your expectations, too.



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