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    Digital Marketing Expert

    New Delhi, IN

    Junior, Mid-Level

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Who are we? 

Ring-A-Bell is the 360-degree solution that caters to your brand's design and digital needs. 

Our aim is to help brand owners channelize their design, marketing, and digital requirements to a single point and to eliminate the need to run to multiple avenues for the aforementioned solutions.

We do it all.

What are we looking for? 


Who can apply? 

Anyone with a penchant for writing and a love for social media.

What kind of work experience is required?

Freshers are more than welcome to apply for the role. Job experience is appreciated but is not an underlying criterion.

What kind of role will the person play?

We are looking for someone to understand the philosophy and work ethic at Ring-A-Bell and to lead a team of their own thereafter.

What kind of personal skills are we looking for?

We at Ring-A-Bell are an ecosystem of creative professionals who are constantly striving to innovate and improve our standards of work. The personal skill set we’re looking for should include creativity, responsibility, punctuality, cooperation and a sense of loyalty to the brand.

What kind of professional skills are we looking for

Creative ideating and writing skills to match. Also, candidates must possess an undying love for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a must. We value those who are well versed with LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat, etc.

Will you get paid?

A fixed monthly salary with a lot of fun perks.

How to apply?

Mail us your CV, portfolio and a covering letter to hello@ringabell.biz

Where's the office at?

East Of Kailash, New Delhi

Note: This isn't a work from home/non-office arrangement, though we're pretty sure you'll love our operating hours. Also, we’re not looking for freelancers.

For further queries, please feel free to call +919958394848 or just post in the comments section below.


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