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    Mumbai, IN


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Loginext is looking for a data geek and scientist who can derive strategic insights for large data sets and build sophisticated algorithms, Design data models and play with numbers, Analytically strong and top of technology.



Be responsible for building a scalable platform designed to aggregate, compute and analyze large volumes of data and provide insights to the business and technology stakeholders

Link and mash up distinctive data sets to discover new insights

Ability to communicate complex quantitative analysis in a clear and precise manner.

Use big data fabric technologies to acquire, transform, and provision complex findings using visualization tools

Connect different types of data sets in different forms and work with potentially incomplete data sources and perform cleansing of data sets using ETL

Develop innovative solutions for optimizing analytical algorithms

Understand existing complex Java algorithms and optimize them for more accuracy and optimization

Perform processing to smoothen location data like latitude, longitude, route vectors, traffic vectors, Google Maps API, Open Street Maps, Bing Maps, etc.

Spend significant time with clients and non-tech savvy users to identify the usability issues with the current product and improve the same

Enjoy being challenged to solve complex problems on a daily basis and comfortable working under continuous work pressure

Write algorithms from scratch for logistics route planning, optimization and delivery scheduling



Bachelor’s or advanced degree in an analytical or scientific field such as Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science.

Good understanding of current software and analytics systems being used in large enterprises in India and in other emerging markets

Adept at Java, SQL, Linux, Python and R

Primary understanding of Hadoop, Hive and/or MapReduce

Hands on experience with at least one NoSQL Database such as MongoDB, Cassandra.

Good understanding of design and architecture principles

Proficient in designing efficient and robust ETL workflows

Working knowledge of advanced analytics and visualization tools like SSAS, SPSS, SAS, Tableau, etc.

Adept at cloud technologies and libraries, especially, the ones with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure

Hands on experience with A/B Testing with complex and unstructured data-sets

Basic understanding of logistics domain and delivery process in a complex supply chain environment

Ability to work in a chaotic and ambiguous environment


LogiNext is the fastest growing tech company in the space of logistics and supply chain. Our goal is to organize the world of logistics by providing the most powerful end-to-end enterprise system in the world.

Our clients base is spread across the globe and we empower them to optimize over millions of kilometers of deliveries every day and provide superior customer service using data collection, advanced analytics and visualization. From inception, LogiNext has been winning accolades and awards ranging from Top 30 startups by IBM, Microsoft Ventures to the NASSCOM Emerge 50.

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