• ROLE
    UI/UX Designer

    New Delhi, IN

    Mid-Level, Senior

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What you will achieve when you're a leaflet


“Define Interaction Models, User Task Flows, and UI specifications. Communicate scenarios, end to end experience and screen designs which would be smooth as butter for your awesome users.Work with the companies design technology head and visual imagineers to incorporate the visual identity of Leaf into product features.Develop ,maintain and deploy design wireframes , mockups , and specifications as required by the users and Leaf.”


  • Ayush Banka

    Head of Innovation



“You should feel the product like its your baby , and cover it up carefully with your beautiful and exquisite design. It’s all about the emotion , what does the user feel when he touches what you have created.Once the user has used your product , he should say “Holy S***” but in the positive sense.”


  • Chiraag Kapil

    Head of Design Technology


Deliverables : Wireframes of screen , storyboards and site maps.


Tools : We don't give a shit.



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People call us the future. This is because of our vision of creating unique wearable technology at the pace to capture the wearable technology as well as the safety market. SAFER, smart jewellery for women safety is our flagship product. We are the Top 10 startups invited to Indo-US Konnect at Silicon Valley in presence of PM Modi, Winners of Lee Kuan Yew University B-Plan competition, global winners of GitexTech Week, and many more competitions. We also have 7 of India’s leading Angel Investors on board. We believe that the future is brighter than you think and this is just the beginning!

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