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EdisonBot is a product built by Edison Computing that allows small businesses to build ChatBots in 5 minutes. If you don't know what ChatBots are, suggest you read about them.

In 2016 ChatBots are at the place, the internet was in 1995. No one, but a few knew about their explosive potential. Before 2018 is out, your doodh-wala will be taking orders through a chatbot built by us. We are hell bent on making that happen.

Since Messaging clients are the most popular apps today, ChatBots will replace apps and websites. ChatBots are easy to build, cheap to maintain and don't require a download.

Our company Edison Computing is incubated by Pramartha, a risk consulting company in Bangalore. You will be joining as the 1st full time employee. We are currently in the process of raising our first round.

Job Requirement:

Full Stack developer.

Required: PHP, UNIX, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Absolutely necessary: Fire in the belly

I'm willing to pay more than industry standard for the very best person I can find. Our product is fully functional, but not the most well designed. Try building a chatbot through our platform for yourself.

About Me:

I'm sure you are curious about your employer:

My name is Abhishek Mitra. I am a 19 year old entrepreneur. Have represented the country at the world's biggest science and technology fair ISEF and been invited to meet the Peter Thiel (seed funder of Facebook, SpaceX) in San Francisco. Currently being incubated by the only Actaury in VC funding in the country.

I hope you are ok working for someone younger than you ;)

You can read about my youthful misadventures here:  http://bit.ly/2dYa76k

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abhishek-mitra-84766742


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