5.0L - 7.0L

  • ROLE
    Back-end Developer

    Gurgaon, IN


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About DoneThing:

DoneThing is a well-funded concierge solution for customers. We are an on-demand task management solution. We provide real time personal assistance enabling customers to fulfill their tangible/intangible needs wants and desires, through use of a combination of technology and logistics.

We aim to introduce concierge service to the fast growing Indian middle class population. We are empowering brick and mortar local businesses in the e-commerce age while offering affordable convenience to our customers.

Desired Competencies (Technical/Behavioral):


1. Minimum one year of experience in Python with exposure to frameworks like Django, Flask

2.  Understanding of OOPs concepts

3. Strong in problem solving, algo/ ds

4. Experience of any RDMS like MySQL, Oracle.

5. Knowledge of Mongodb is an added advantage

Good-to- Have:

1. Agile Development Experience

3. Hands on  experience with frontend developments like HTML/CSS/Javascrit

4. Experience with third party integration

5. Ability to convert requirements into code

6. Keep an eye of latest development in python and related technologies

Responsibilities/Expectations from the Role

1. Design and develop Python and its framework (Django,python) based web applications and RESTful APIs

2. Take ownership of product features and build it end to end(from production to deployment)

3. Designing and testing should go side by side and consider aspects like response time, scalability, asynchronous systems, user experience

4. Hands on experience with production related activities like Middleware


Competitive Salary and performance bonus


Flexible Work Hours

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