2.0L - 4.0L

  • ROLE
    Business Development Manager

    Gurgaon, IN

    Mid-Level, Senior

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Below is the  Job Description :-


JOB Title: Business Development Manager

** Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following* *.*

 ** Create daily lead sources, meet the clients .

** Provide the information regarding *GOOGLE BUSINESS VIEW*

 **Screen all leads for accreditation eligibility before contacting the business

** Maintain a professional and courteous manner with all prospective accredited businesses

** Collect Cheque from accredited businesses.

 **Accurately complete the application for accreditation.

**  Maintain established minimum standard of performance.

 **Develops leads at particular location assign to you.

 **Other duties may be assigned.

** Maintain and develop good relationship with Clients through personal contact or meetings or via telephone etc.

 **Must act as a bridge between the company and its current market  and future  markets.

 **Display efficiency in gathering market and customer info to enable  negotiations  regarding variations in prices, 

    deliver and customer specifications to their managers.

** Help management in forthcoming products and discuss on special  promotions.

**Review their own performance and aim at exceeding their targets.

**Record sales and order information and report the same to the  sales department.

**Provide accurate feedback on future buying trends to their respective employers.



Key Skills:-


·         Candidate must have good presentable and communication skills.

·          Must have good conveyance skills

·         Should have one to six years of experience in sale profile


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