6.0L - 12.0L

  • ROLE
    Front-end Developer

    New Delhi, IN


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We work on a lot of interesting challenges in AdPushup. It's usually fun, followed by exasperation, and then some more fun! We're working on numerous patent-pending technologies and are truly disrupting the publisher side AdTech industry. The role of the JS Guy is to work on all of our core technologies - the Visual editor which makes placing ads dead easy, APJS - our async, super-fast instrumentation library and a bunch of our top-secret stuff (which we'll be unveiling soon). We're a small tech team right now (<6) - so you'll be in our core team. You can create a BIG impact - if that's your thing (and if not - we probably don't want you).




- Creative approach to a problem solving. - Vanilla, Object Oriented JS & jQuery. - Very thorough in DOM. - Very thorough with CSS selectors, Promises, Prototypes, Closures, Event handling etc. - Should clearly understand cross browser challenges, and way to surpass those. - Stays on the top of old and new HTML5 - Canvas, Websockets, Webworkers, PostMessage etc. & should be active in learning new technologies like Polymer, WebComponents etc. - Strong understanding of CSS. - Experience with writing modular & reusable code.




- Object Oriented PHP / NodeJS. - Experience in designing / implementing beautiful UIs leading to sensible UX. - MV* - Any one - BackboneJS, EmberJS, AngularJS etc. - Experience on browser extensions. - Any prior experience in Advertisement technology (worked in SSP/Ad Network etc.). - MongoDB / CouchBase (or any document based / NoSQL database). - Acquainted with proper code management, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery.




Great Culture

Free Food

Learning Opportunities

Unlimited Leaves

Talented Peers

ESOPS (if you're really worth it)


AdPushup is an automated advanced A/B testing (a proprietary multi-arm bandit algorithm) tool that optimizes display ads layout for increased click through rate. By seamlessly integrating with existing ad networks, our platform enables web publishers and bloggers to create and test various ad placements, sizes and types to see which one is making the most revenue.
Our machine learning algorithm helps publishers, who are monetizing their website on a CPC/PPC (Cost-per-Click/Pay-per-Click) model, fight banner blindness by continuous optimization.


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