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Jobspire helps startups and SMEs create an experiential company profile that lets them visually describe their work environment, existing talent and their growth paths and a ton of other things.

We're also tearing down and re-inventing the job post. Instead of applying with a CV, candidates will now complete quick challenges, eg: "Draft a sample email if you're applying to a sales job". Challenges are short so you're not annoying passive talent.

We also offer the visual profile as a careers page replacement, locking in a good portion of the traffic that comes to a startup's website and enterprise solutions for larger companies.

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Kartik Luke Singh


When I'm not composing code or brainstorming how to tackle that next issue, you'll find me reading, eating, or out playing basketball.

Vivek Menon

Business Development Manager

My decisions are based upon how expensive the next ticket is going to be. Travelling fanatic, F1 freak, I love KFC. A huge believer of the 9gag nation.

Prajwal Pratap

Customer Acquisition Manager

Mornings I eat, evenings I sleep and in between I try to learn Hindi. When I find time, I try to make a living.

PS: Chocolates are not cool.

Soumil Kar

Marketing Manager

Brand ke liye Soumil kuch bhi "Kar" sakta hai.

Rushil Agrawal

Full Stack Developer

Rushil has been an integral part of the company, infact he was the first employee at Jobspire. He has grown from being a Tester to a Full Stack Developer and now nothing seems too difficult for him to code.

Mohak Dhingra

VP Sales and Marketing

Strong head with a big heart, I call myself a Story Maker. Challenges always excite me and my self belief keeps me going.

Dream. Believe. Achieve.

Varun Mayya


Gamer, athlete, anarchist, pyschonaut.

Sandesh Kini


Weekdays for me include Full stack web development, filmmaking and being a tech geek. On weekends, I turn into a life guru.


Interesting tidbits about us

We have XBOX gaming sessions every now and then.

Our office rooftop serves as a perfect open bar!

Other than sleeping on bean bags, we love piling them up and then jumping on top of them.

We have our own Butler, you guessed it, we call him "Alfred" ;)

You may find Bono, Julia, Lucy, Goldie and Bolt playing around the office on Bring your pet to work days!

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